Have you thought about why you do what you do?  Or why did you have that calling?   The other day I was telling someone about my blog and I realized the reason why I love helping people,  is because when I was in school I loved to go and spending time in the life skills class room.   Where the kids in there were just laying there,  they couldn’t even sit on their own or even eat without something to help them.  They were just there.   So I somehow started going there as a volunteer hour and soon realized how much I loved going and seeing those kids, they would always get excited to see me.   Then a few years later I helped someone without even realizing that they were not happy with who they were, by just being their friend mad,  that person came alive again!   I don’t want to do for it the money I do this because I love that feeling of’ helping someone who might look fine but really they are not happy, with who they are! 

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