Love awareness

Every cause that this month is towards, has in some way touched my life and I’m sure that most of my readers too,  October is disability,  breast cancer awareness month, Mental Health Awareness; also cerebral palsy awareness day. I wish I could say that all these cases has not affected my life and my family and friends, but they have!   The people I love the most my mom, aunts and friends had breast cancer and they are all healthy now,  I hold each of them closer now not because they went through it but they were so strong. As I was trying to be supportive I came to realize how much I love them,  sounds weird be it’s true!    I realize how much we shouldn’t take any relationship for granted.  I have cp, but it has always been a part of my life, so to me it’s what makes me. Every cause can be helped with love!  Just love like crazy Always. 

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