How do you make someone feel so loved, without being too overwhelming.  When you can feel that more than anything else they need to be loved.  Love has a way to heal, there is so much love can help.  Making someone know that they are loved, when you can feel that they need to know that someone is always there for them!  If I could only help support someone by loving them I will!  So much of what life throws at us, we could handle it better I think if we knew how much just saying ”I Love You”, could make someone’s day that much better!  I sometimes think that I love others too much,  but  then I realize that no loving the people in my life who may need it;  its just something I do!   Loving people is what I know I was meant to do.   We all have something that we think it’s weird but if it’s calling us we should keep doing it!  

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