Love through my Cerebral Palsy

All of my life I have been disabled.   I have to do so many things differently,  I move disabled I even talk differently.   Most of the people in my life have gotten to understand that even if you do things differently I still like to do everything,  I’m not afraid to try to do something than we can laugh at myself for thinking I could do it!  The people who I hold close see me before my Crazy CP as I like to call my disability. I have always needed to have help,  but my family and friends have always been supportive of my CP have never said I couldn’t do something just because I can’t walk.   Love has always been there  I have been through some hard times but knowing that I am loved is what has helped me become who I am today.   I love that I can help others, I think that’s because I have always felt loved.  Now I want to have the people who have been there for me,  I want to show them even more love.   I know how important love is,  so I am going to share it!


  1. Emily Fiscus says:

    You’re wonderful, Zara. You can do so much, and the best part is that you do everything while laughing and smiling. You inspire me!


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