Great information from the Quantum Healing Kryon/Lee Carroll

New Information About Healing:
The Human body is interesting. It is a piece of biology that is you, but it often seems to be in the other room. What I mean by this is that there is no real communication between you and your system. It is not designed to communicate with you, except through pain. That’s all. It is a one-dimensional aspect given to you early on so you would be able to survive – so you’d know if you were stepping on a hot coal, for instance. Or so you would know if something was hurting or poking you, in order to get away from it.

Pain seems negative and always a challenge. It’s one of your greatest gifts, however, since it keeps you out of trouble. It alerts you if something’s wrong… and that’s all you have as communication and it’s one way. You can’t talk back to it, or ask it questions.

Many of you have said, “That’s just the way it is. What am I going to do? The body cannot speak. It cannot say anything.” You’re right about that if you look at it on the surface.

In fact, this fact can actually work against you… no matter how enlightened you are. For instance, does it make sense to you that an enlightened body like you have, with the complexity that it has, would be silent in the face of a

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You might look at this whole Human body scenario and say, “What kind of a system is this? Is the body so dumb that it cannot even alert me to these important things that are going on in myself?” The answer is yes, if you measure this issue from a standpoint of what you have been taught… a very limited scope of view.

I’m here to tell you it is not that way at all. It never has been that way. You have always been able to go to certain levels in order to see what is happening inside, yet few do. It is the difference between accepting a three-dimensional historical idea or expanding your thinking to include something that many don’t even believe in. For years, kinesiology has bridged that gap of communication, yet how many use it? It’s an indictment of the law of logic, isn’t it? Here is something that has been proven over time to be something that allows the body to speak to you directly, yet it has not been generally accepted by humanity? Why? Because it’s out of the scope of what you have learned is possible. This, therefore, is the issue today.

Every piece of DNA has a field around it. Every piece of DNA is next to another piece of DNA, and a field surrounds a field surrounds a field. In addition, it is all grouped, not strung out like in your diagrams. I’ll tell you what that does. It creates a oneness of consciousness. Have you ever wondered why it is in the esoteric world that you can speak to your body as one, yet there are trillions of pieces of it?

Within the DNA is a spiritual component. In the DNA is a piece of God, a piece of home. In the DNA, there’s a quantumness of reality. Within the DNA, as my partner stated, there is intelligent design. The field that is around DNA has been observed and proven by science to be interdimensional. One piece against the other against another creates an interlocking, overlapping interdimensional field that has one address to the universe… and your name on it.

What I am saying to you is that it is a whole body experience when you begin to speak to your body. You don’t have to address your toe or your elbow. For you will address all of it at once because it’s listening all at once. Think of it as one whole body experience because the DNA overlaps; the fields overlap, and those overlapping fields create a larger field that creates even a larger field. By the time you get trillions of them together, literally, that field is something you project with focus and it’s called esoteric light. Meanwhile, it also serves for personal healing. It is ready to “listen to the boss.” My partner touched on this attribute earlier. You don’t really believe that you can speak to your cells. The truth is that you can, and they have always been listening. Think about that!

The fact is that you have total and complete communications in an interdimensional way with this massive DNA field. You are it, and it is you, but if you’ve never spoken to it, it will go its own way. Trillions of pieces of DNA are there, ready to hear you, yet you never even talked to them! You just hope they operate well and if they don’t, you get pain.

As we have told you before, you have been born into a culture and system that carries all sensory attributes and spiritual enlightenment in the head, never understanding that every piece of the body is enlightened. Therefore, you walk around “in your head,” hoping your toe works, hoping your kidney works, hoping your heart survives. You never think that you might be able to actually address these things, or change them. Yet they have been there waiting for you all your life! Now I call this, “your body listening to the boss,” for DNA waits for you to speak to it through your own consciousness. There is an enlightened attribute in your DNA… you would call it your Higher-Self, perhaps.

 Posted 4/29/14

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