When life does not make sense

This week has been kind of hard for me.  Love can be hard sometimes, especially when you think about what if I love someone more than they love me.  And this week I’ve try not to think like that but sometimes people don’t need to show it,  you just know that what you are doing for them really helps them.  Someone who is very important to me has been going through so much lately and I have been messaging this person.  Just to be there for them, I want them to know how much I love them and I have been loving doing it daily, but sometimes I get selfish and I wish that I could get more time with them and wanting them to be at my events when it doesn’t happen I feel hurt by this person not coming.   I have forgotten how much just being able to show so much how much they are loved can mean so much that they I will ever know.   Knowing that I may be helping them with love makes me happy.  Because really loving and supporting someone who is going through a lot is the best way to show the person that I am beside them through this season.   I have to remember that I can be there without seeing them and that is what I want.

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