The computer

I have cerebral palsy which means it is hard for me to do a lot on my own,  I have to have help to do anything physical.  So it can be hard to get a job or even just do things on my own or without out the computer,  I know that sounds crazy but I could not do what I love to do which is helping others. Sometimes needing help all the time can be hard and make you feel very needing,  and it doesn’t seem you can do much when you want to be able to have something that you can do without help.   When I realized that I could write on the computer it made a big difference in my life.   I feel as if I could do so much more on the computer then I could before I knew I could write with it.  I know now that I can do something that means so much to me and I can make a difference in people’s lifes with my writing.

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