I wish I could help everyone who is going through a hard time,  the people who feel alone; having the feeling that nobody cares for you does not help any.   You might think that being strong means dealing with the hard times on your own,  you are wrong.   Life can be hard,  but if you have support you can get through most things I’m not saying that the hard times won’t come, but the right support will make a difference in the times when you can’t do it alone.  I think depression can begin from being on your own so much; thinking that people in your life don’t want to help you or they don’t understand what it is that is getting you down. When we all go through times when love is needed more,  if you think about it you will see how much love can get you through the hardest times.   Just think about how you feel when someone texts you just to let you know that you are loved so much;  it can  change your whole day.

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