Being Different.

The word disability can have so many different meanings,  there is a person that you can see the disability and then there are hidden disabilities.   What does it really mean to have a disability?   Here is the dictionary defines a disability, ”the condition of being unable to do things in the normal way : the condition of being disabled”.  Although is anyone”so called normal’?  I think we all have some kind of disability that makes us special and needed.   So what if you can see that I have cerebral palsy I don’t care!   No one is normal I’m sorry to say,  but if you have needed help you have some kind of disability.   We all need help sometimes,  having a life without other people would be boring.  Life is meant to be shared,  having love in life makes all the hard times a little easier just knowing that someone is on your side.   Have you thought about that needing somebody could define it as having a disability?   Its not a big deal?   Yes I know what you are thinking, that I’m going crazy. But just think about it,  if you are different you are special.   So why do we look at being different in a bad way,  there are no two people who are the same.   That is what makes life so great!

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