A month for love.

Looking up at night sky can be so amazing.   You can see a thousand stars; its as if they all have a name that somehow goes with us.   I know for me;  looking up at the stars gets me to thinking about how we are all the same.   The stars have a great way to let you feel that you are loved!  It may seem like a crazy idea;  but I really believe that the stars have a way to let us know that we are loved!

This month is all about loving others; its Valentine’s Day just one day out of the month.  But I would like to think it could be a season just like we have a Christmas season; so I want to let this be a season of love!   Love is something I don’t think that there is enough of,  there are so many people who feel alone,  unloved;  but why?   Its the easiest thing to give but we sometimes forget that we could help support someone just by loving them!

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