I have decided that every once in a few days I will write something about me.  That way my followers can get to know me a little more.

As I said yesterday I have a disability; called Cerebral Palsy there are so many different kinds of Cerebral palsy,  I like to think of mine as the crazy kind!   There are some days I think that my body has taken over and even if I think of what I want to do,  my mind and my body are not on the same page.  I use a power chair to get around, I need a lot of help, from getting out of bed to eating. I am happy with who I am,  but I have been through my share of hard times. Who hasn’t had hard times?   Being different can sometimes be hard to fit in,  coming from south Africa and having a disability made it hard to fit in; in high school.  I had some amazing times and people who still today we are best friends.   Those friends are what helped me get through some of the hardest times, they also had apart of why I want to help others!

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